About Bingo Bonus

How does a bingo bonus work?

Bonuses are an important part for everyone who is going to play bingo online for the first time. The bingo bonus implies that you, as a player, get more value for the money you deposit because you get a free sum of money into your account when you make your deposit to the bingo site. You simply get more money to play for, which in turn means that you can play more games and during a longer time without having to deposit more money into your account – so make sure to claim a new bonus with your first deposit.

A bonus is good but the bonus size or the frequency of the bonus offered should not be the only reason for choosing a particular site. There are several factors that you have to take into consideration when choosing which bingo site you would like to play on. For example, does the site have a good chat options, how are the games, is the language your native tongue. We highly recommend you to have a look around at the various bingo sites available and try the games before you decide which one is your favorite. We provide you with a complete list of available bonuses where we show a variety of good bingo bonuses and of course all of the bingo sites we recommend have; good reputation, is licensed to provide bingo gaming and are serious in general. The majority of these sites are Swedish.

Bingo Bonus

Turnover requirement 

After you have made your deposit and received your bingo bonus you have to play with the bonus money before you can withdraw any of the bonus cash. The bonus money must be used a certain amount of time depending on different sites rules. There is nothing strange with this because it is just a precaution from the bingo site. They want you to play with the money and by these rules they stop people from abusing the bonuses and just cash out the money directly. The turnover requirement is different depending on the site but usually the money must be used at least 10 times. There are both higher and lower playing requirements to clear the bonus money.

Deposit bonus 

A deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like, a bonus that you receive when you make a deposit into a bingo site. In most cases you get the bonus the first time you actively deposit a sum to your account. Common bonuses give you 100% on your first deposit which means that you get a bonus that is as big as your deposit. Several bingo sites offers a bonus on the second and third time you deposit as well and sometimes even have reoccurring bonuses on all deposits that you make. A common reoccurring bonus is usually 50% extra. You have to decide which bonus systems that benefits you the most and start playing now!