Online bingo review: What to look for in a Bingo site

Online bingo is now enjoyed by more than four million people in the UK, which is close to 10% of the Internet-using population. The success of online bingo is down to three things: you can get money for doing relatively little and investing equally as little; you can play it anywhere from home or your mobile phone and the chat rooms are fun, informal and friendly, particularly for women.

As more and more companies hop onboard the bingo bandwagon, the number of online bingo sites grows exponentially. However, just because a new bingo site springs up quicker than daffodils in springtime, it doesn’t mean they are all created equal; some bingo sites are far superior to others.

So what should you look for in a bingo site?


There are always dangers incurred by transporting data online. Thus it is essential you take measures to ensure your personal details and banking information are not treated lightly by the bingo site. Your information should be secured by what’s known as SSL encryption. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is basically industry standard encryption for online transactions and data transportation.


Sharing is good when it’s you that chooses to do it; it’s not so great when a bingo site passes on your details to third parties for who-knows-what reasons. Ensure that your private information is transported between you and your chosen bingo site only. Check the site’s terms and conditions for information.


All online bingo sites need to be licensed and registered. The UK government does not do this. However, it does allow offshore gambling sites that are licensed in places such as Gibraltar, Malta and the Channel Islands to offer gambling to UK citizens. Check the site’s about us section for details.

Now that the boring, but necessary stuff is out of the way, it’s on to the more light hearted aspects of bingo site picking.

Courtesy of Leo Reynolds

Chat, jackpots and personality

You want to enjoy your time spent playing the odd bingo game, so choose a site that is right for you. Do you like the graphics, the game play and the layout? Is the site easy to use? Are the jackpots to your liking? What about the chat rooms? How many and what sorts of people use them? Online bingo sites now come with their own personalities and you should be able to find one that matches yours. 888Ladies is a female-focused site offering online bingo game play and chat tailored to the whims and fancies of ladies. It is fun and informal and very pink; so if this sounds like you, go check them out.

Remember to always gamble responsibly and make sure the bingo site supports responsible gambling. Visit for more information.