Online Bingo business

Online Bingo is an idea that has recently began to get a lot of attention. Back in 2006, it was said that Online bingo pulled in some half a billion dollars in earnings, and it is said that this has possibly doubled since then! But what makes Online bingo any more appealing than, say, texas holdem or online blackjack? Sure, both are played for money, but why bingo?

Well, while there is a vast number of different online Bingo sites going up all over the internet, the answer to the success probably lies very close to home for those who play. The difference between online bingo and other casino games is that bingo is not really viewed as a form of gambling, but rather as a social outlet. So, people who enjoy the game and are chat-room savvy would probably tend to play this type of game as opposed to other online games involving money.

And, to add some credibility to this fact, it seems like the biggest and most successful online bingo sites are the ones utilizing online chat and other tools to promote a sense of community among their players. With online bingo, it is not all about the money – it is about the social experience. Yes, the chance of winning some money is a helper in attracting new customers to Online bingo sites, but it is the sense of community that these players are actually seeking. In fact, a lot of online bingo sites offer automatic card marking software, so you don’t really even have to do anything. You just enjoy the pleasantries, and hope that you win!

So, next time you look into online bingo, consider going to a site where you know you will find some friends – those seem to be the site’s that have the most players these days.

Play the Slot Machines Online – It Could Be Your Lucky Day!

Everyone wants to get lucky. That’s why we rejoice when we find money on the sidewalk or money hiding in that strange corner of the couch. However, sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves and go out where the luck is — and that’s definitely at the online casino. Instead of going out of your home and trying to go down to a traditional casino, you can actually stay inside and not miss a beat in the entertainment department.

One area that you want to check out first when you go to play at an online casino is definitely slots real money can truly be had once you sit down at a virtual slot machine.

The random nature of slots means that have the best chance of winning. Instead of having to learn a bunch of skills to be good at poker or blackjack, you can check out slots — real money is always a motivator, right?

To get started, you just need to log on and play the slot games that appeal most to you. After a while, don’t be surprised when you start to see some winnings. Online casinos are very generous about giving out bonuses as well, on top of the bonus games that many slot machines online already have. This means that not only do you get a nice welcome gift just for checking out a great online casino; you get to add to your winnings with hot bonus slot games — what can be better than that?

So, if you’re ready to have quality entertainment that can actually make you money, it’s definitely time for you to play slot machines online — it truly could be your lucky day!

Great prizes on offer at Foxy Bingo

Foxy bingo has a reputation for giving away great prizes on their site, and this month is no exception! The latest “Foxy fix it” offer is 30 FREE driving lessons, worth a whopping £800, for one lucky winner. This can be for anyone of any age or ability, be it a young student just starting out, or someone who’s been learning for years and just can’t get the hang of it. All you have to do is apply by the 12th of December 2010 and tell them exactly why you think you should win the prize- it’s really that simple. Write them a story about how terrible your driving is to show them just how much you need the lessons and attach a photo, then Foxy will pick his favourite.

Foxy bingo hope this will attract a new flood of customers to their site and anyone who does choose to sign up will receive a 200% first deposit bonus between £10-£150 just for signing up and playing.

This isn’t the only prize on offer at the moment, and on November 10th we saw Foxy Bingo give away a free ipad in their Big Win Wednesday 90-ball game for just £1 a play. The full house winner got the ipad, but the first one-line winner got a 160GB ipod classic, whereas the two-line winner got a brand new ipod touch classic with 32GB of memory worth nearly £200!

Foxy bingo has a good history of great prizes and in the past winners have had their home made over for free and others have won the wedding of their dreams whilst some have even won cars and holidays- all paid for by foxy bingo.

Gaming Community

Another online poker, online bingo and casino gaming community that has proved very popular with the gambling general public is The online site offers a wide variety of different chances for its players to take part in games, and there are a large number of different types of games on offer. Various sections of the site include poker, casino gaming, sports betting, and 888 Ladies, which offers online bingo as well as various other games that are generally played and enjoyed by women more than men.

The majority of the site is taken up by online casino games and poker playing. Players are encouraged to download the poker software in order to play the game quickly and in high definition, and therefore to have the best experience possible. There is a link to the place where the poker software can be downloaded on the homepage, and most players do choose to take advantage of this option.

All the most popular bingo and poker games are offered by the site, and t5his is likely to be why it is so popular with the poker playing general public. Games available to be played include Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, 7 Card Stud and Omaha High. All of the games that are offered by the site promise to give big payouts to their players, so there really is no better time to log on to the site and take part in the games.

As well as the wide variety of poker games that visitors to are offered, they can also look forward to the fact that they will receive a generous 100% bonus on the first monetary deposit that they make on the site.

Players can also expect to be wowed by the VIP area, which offers a great deal of special prizes and exclusive privileges to its members. Players can become part of the VIP club by being loyal to the site.

All about Bingo

What do you know about bingo? May be not that much and if you don’t know about bingo then it would be enough to know that it is a luck based game. If you want to go into more information then you can search on the internet. In this article we are going to describe two different version of bingo and how they are played.

There are two main version one is Traditional Bingo and other is Online Bingo. The concept of traditional bingo is very old may be form 16th century or so. However the concept of online bingo is not that old it belongs form the end of 20th century. It is said that online bingo was introduced in 1996 for the first time but it has made progress since last 3-4 years a lot.

Traditional bingo require you to go out of house, sit in your car or take a public transport to the parlor and find a place for you to adjust and wait for you turn. Once you start playing you have to wait for you luck to work and see if you win or not. It seems like a long procedure as compared to our today’s short procedures of life.

If we have a look at online bingo then you just need to push a few buttons, turn on your Personal computer that is placed in your room so no need to go out of house. Open a website where you can play online bingo, no need to wait for your turn you can play straight away. Now you have to wait for you luck to play its part. While playing the game you can also enjoy cool graphics interface and sound effects. You can also listen to voice commentary and chat with other players online.

The Changing Face of Modern Bingo

Of the 3.5 million bingo players in the UK, over 700,000 of them are now under the age of 45. The figure represents a 16 per cent increase in the number of players under 45 over the last decade. Where bingo was once seen as a pastime favoured by pensioners, it seems that the face of bingo in the UK is changing, with a number of factors drawing in younger players for a spot of eyes down action for the first time.

The past decade has seen the game of bingo changed beyond recognition by the internet. With sites like Jackpotjoy springing up, offering a more convenient way to play, bingo fans can now play their favourite game anywhere, any time, without having to venture out to their nearest bingo hall. Online chat facilities ensure that the game remains as social a pastime as ever, and playing games online may have encouraged younger players to try their hand at the land-based version too.

Major sites have also been running youth-friendly advertising campaigns to give a fresh new face to the game. Colourful adverts promoting the fast-paced, fun aspect of bingo has livened up the game’s image, with flashy online graphics and a greater range of bingo variants drawing in new online players.

The phenomenal success of sites like Jackpotjoy at drawing in millions of players worldwide also means that they can offer far more impressive cash jackpots than ever before. Progressive jackpots, that grow as more players join the game, means that players can now potentially win huge, life-changing sums in an instant – far higher payouts than they’ll find at local bingo halls.

Celebrity endorsements have also helped to lend the game a bit of glamour. In the UK, national treasure Barbara Windsor (left) has become the cheeky, friendly face of bingo through the latest Jackpotjoy campaigns, while the like of Kate Moss, Sadie Frost, Cheryl Cole, Jade Jagger and Catherine Zeta Jones have all come out as secret bingo lovers in recent years.

In America, famous names are often spotted at charity bingo games, with the likes of Paris Hilton, Minnie Driver, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Daryl Hannah being photographed at fundraising bingo events. For celebrities, it may just be a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun, the down-at-heel image of bingo an ironic contrast to these stars’ ultra-glamorous Hollywood image, but the effect is to glamorise the game itself, making it a more acceptable, playful way to have fun for a whole new generation of younger bingo fans.

Perhaps inspired by the youth-friendly world of online bingo, the traditional bingo halls themselves have been keen to tap into this new audience for the game in recent years. Bricks and mortar bingo halls are increasingly promoting themselves as all-round entertainment venues, providing a nostalgic night out for youngsters looking for something a little different. Bingo halls now lay on live music concerts, quizzes and talent shows alongside the bingo games themselves, creating lounge areas, and serving up cocktails and hot meals to a new crowd of fans keen to seek out an alternative way to spend the weekend away from the nightclubs they’re used to partying the night away in.

At a time when online bingo sites and the global recession are weighing heavy on traditional bingo halls, this new influx of bingo players couldn’t have come at a better time. And as long as bingo halls are ready and willing to adapt to their new audience, they could see plenty more full houses for years to come.

The rising fame of Online Bingo

Online bingo is one of the most popular games online, attracting millions of players around the globe. It is a $150 million global market with the US covering 85% of the profits. An online bingo portal in UK recently stated that 34% of the bingo players in UK today are born after 1981, while 39% are between 30 to 45 – a significantly younger audience than expected.

What was even more surprising was the fact that almost 50% of those registered being born after 1981 are restricted from entering due to the fact that they are not old enough! The study also found that the single most common age for the British online bingo player was 25 years old. 90 % are under the age of 50, most of them still representing women.

Whereas it was pretty rare to find men in land based bingo halls before, online bingo has a male population of about 30%, and it has also been discovered that some players playing as women are actually men!

Maybe online bingo is not as female biased as we thought, and probably we’ll see more and more men playing online bingo in the future. It is not at all surprising – bingo is the perfect combination of social interaction, stress reliever and the great opportunity to make a great deal of money with a low bet.

5 Winning Online Bingo Tips

Are you new to the game of online bingo?  Do you want to learn some of the top tips that will help make you a winner?  If so, read on to discover 5 of the winning online bingo tips.

1)  Budget Your Money

It is important to budget your money because bingo will lose its fun factor fast if you are constantly broke.  So whether you plan on spending 50 cents or 10 dollars a week, pick an amount and stick with it.  And of course, stay with the same card value every single time.  The amount of money you decide to spend on bingo mainly depends upon the amount of hours you play per week.

2)  Be Realistic

There are no secret strategies for winning bingo–it is a game of chance.  As long as you go into each round with realistic expectations, you will not set yourself up for disappointment.  And if you begin to become frustrated, take a short break.

3)  Make Friends

The forum community is one of the most fun and unique aspects of bingo.  Do not be like so many other novices who steer clear of this game’s chat rooms.  Banding together a group of comrades will make your online bingo endeavors a little less lonely.

4)  Chasing Loses Is a No No

If you have already put a firm budget into place, this should not be an issue; however, some players tend to spend extra money on cards with higher value when they experience a loosing streak.  It is strongly recommended you refrain from doing this.

5)  Bonuses Are Great

You are guaranteed to be paid as long as you chose a good bonus.  But do not expect these bonuses to be handed to you.  You must search around the internet; many times you can find some gaming sites that pay up to five dollars worth of credits.

History of Bingo and Online Bingo

It is said that first online bingo was started in 1996. For many people out there it become hard to believe but that is what reality it. In 1996 it was called “Bingo Zone”. The main difference between online bingo and traditional bingo is that in traditional bingo number cards or balls are used while in online version algorithms are used that generate numbers automatically. In this way it becomes easy and fair to judge who is the winner. This is a great advantage of technology. Now there is no need to use bingo coins, balls or cards to play the game that can be lost anywhere but in online bingo if you lose your number then you can regenerate a new number on the spot.

In Italy in 1953 the concept of Bingo was first introduced and there it was called “Lo Giuoco Code Lotto”. That was made a part of a lottery that is very famous today in the word.

Bingo was also used as an academic technique in Germany to teach children how to spell the words and it was considered as a useful and fruitful technique.

Today people are more attracted towards online bingo as compared to traditional bingo. There are many reason behind this factor. The biggest reason is that people like to play a game form comfort zone and what can be a better comfort zone than your own house? That is why people like to play bingo in home on their person computers. More over the graphics and animation that are used in online bingo are phenomenal hat keep the people interested in game. Sound effects are also designed in a way to attract people towards this game. You might have played traditional bingo before and now it is the time to play online bingo at your house.

Difference between traditional and online bingo

There was a time when bingo was only played in parlors that is today known as traditional bingo but today there is another version or bingo and that is called online bingo. In this article we are going to discuss the difference between these two versions of the same game. We will try to explain which one is better and what are advantages and disadvantages of any of these games.

•    Traditional Bingo is played in parlors and for this you have to leave your house and go to a parlor to play the game while online bingo is played on the internet and you don’t need to go to the parlor or anywhere else as you can play it from your own house.

•    Traditional version is played with the help of number balls or cards and that is risky too because you may lose your card or ball somewhere and may not found it again. In such case you disqualify for the game. But when it comes to the online version then there are no cards or balls the numbers are generated via system and even if you lose or forget your number then you can re generate the number again.

•    Time limit is the biggest obstacle in playing traditional bingo. If you are playing bingo traditionally then you will have to take care of time and reach the parlor before it is late enough that parlor is closed. When it comes to play online bingo, there is nothing like time limit. You can play it anytime from anywhere and that is a big advantage of online version.

•    If parlor is full then you may not find a place to pay the game but in online world there is endless room for players no matter how many people are playing, you will definitely get your turn.