History of Bingo and Online Bingo

It is said that first online bingo was started in 1996. For many people out there it become hard to believe but that is what reality it. In 1996 it was called “Bingo Zone”. The main difference between online bingo and traditional bingo is that in traditional bingo number cards or balls are used while in online version algorithms are used that generate numbers automatically. In this way it becomes easy and fair to judge who is the winner. This is a great advantage of technology. Now there is no need to use bingo coins, balls or cards to play the game that can be lost anywhere but in online bingo if you lose your number then you can regenerate a new number on the spot.

In Italy in 1953 the concept of Bingo was first introduced and there it was called “Lo Giuoco Code Lotto”. That was made a part of a lottery that is very famous today in the word.

Bingo was also used as an academic technique in Germany to teach children how to spell the words and it was considered as a useful and fruitful technique.

Today people are more attracted towards online bingo as compared to traditional bingo. There are many reason behind this factor. The biggest reason is that people like to play a game form comfort zone and what can be a better comfort zone than your own house? That is why people like to play bingo in home on their person computers. More over the graphics and animation that are used in online bingo are phenomenal hat keep the people interested in game. Sound effects are also designed in a way to attract people towards this game. You might have played traditional bingo before and now it is the time to play online bingo at your house.

Difference between traditional and online bingo

There was a time when bingo was only played in parlors that is today known as traditional bingo but today there is another version or bingo and that is called online bingo. In this article we are going to discuss the difference between these two versions of the same game. We will try to explain which one is better and what are advantages and disadvantages of any of these games.

•    Traditional Bingo is played in parlors and for this you have to leave your house and go to a parlor to play the game while online bingo is played on the internet and you don’t need to go to the parlor or anywhere else as you can play it from your own house.

•    Traditional version is played with the help of number balls or cards and that is risky too because you may lose your card or ball somewhere and may not found it again. In such case you disqualify for the game. But when it comes to the online version then there are no cards or balls the numbers are generated via system and even if you lose or forget your number then you can re generate the number again.

•    Time limit is the biggest obstacle in playing traditional bingo. If you are playing bingo traditionally then you will have to take care of time and reach the parlor before it is late enough that parlor is closed. When it comes to play online bingo, there is nothing like time limit. You can play it anytime from anywhere and that is a big advantage of online version.

•    If parlor is full then you may not find a place to pay the game but in online world there is endless room for players no matter how many people are playing, you will definitely get your turn.

Don’t need to go to parlor – Play Bingo at Your Home

What would you like to do when you get back to your home after a tiring day? Of course you would like to relax with the peace of mind. However you may want to divert your mind a little bit too from whole day’s hectic routine and playing a game is the best way to do this. You must have heard about bingo or you should have played that game. Bingo is a perfect game for mental relaxation and for some fun as well. But the point is that you are already tired from the day’s busy routine and you don’t feel like getting out of the house again to play a game.

What can you do in such circumstances? Well there was a time when you couldn’t do anything except going to parlor to play the game but today you can play online bingo that is the online version if bingo. You can play it from your house and for this you don’t need to go anywhere at all. Bingo is a famous gambling game and people play it for different purposes. Some play bingo only for fun and some play it to make money. Any ways it is up to you that what you want to do but if you can do it while sitting in home then nothing can be better than this.

There are so many benefits of playing online bingo. The biggest advantage is that you can play it from your house. You don’t need to leave the home and go anywhere out for fun when you can have all that fun in your house. You have the chances to win very high prizes as in online version of this game jackpots are even bigger than the traditional game.

Online bingo review: What to look for in a Bingo site

Online bingo is now enjoyed by more than four million people in the UK, which is close to 10% of the Internet-using population. The success of online bingo is down to three things: you can get money for doing relatively little and investing equally as little; you can play it anywhere from home or your mobile phone and the chat rooms are fun, informal and friendly, particularly for women.

As more and more companies hop onboard the bingo bandwagon, the number of online bingo sites grows exponentially. However, just because a new bingo site springs up quicker than daffodils in springtime, it doesn’t mean they are all created equal; some bingo sites are far superior to others.

So what should you look for in a bingo site?


There are always dangers incurred by transporting data online. Thus it is essential you take measures to ensure your personal details and banking information are not treated lightly by the bingo site. Your information should be secured by what’s known as SSL encryption. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is basically industry standard encryption for online transactions and data transportation.


Sharing is good when it’s you that chooses to do it; it’s not so great when a bingo site passes on your details to third parties for who-knows-what reasons. Ensure that your private information is transported between you and your chosen bingo site only. Check the site’s terms and conditions for information.


All online bingo sites need to be licensed and registered. The UK government does not do this. However, it does allow offshore gambling sites that are licensed in places such as Gibraltar, Malta and the Channel Islands to offer gambling to UK citizens. Check the site’s about us section for details.

Now that the boring, but necessary stuff is out of the way, it’s on to the more light hearted aspects of bingo site picking.

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Chat, jackpots and personality

You want to enjoy your time spent playing the odd bingo game, so choose a site that is right for you. Do you like the graphics, the game play and the layout? Is the site easy to use? Are the jackpots to your liking? What about the chat rooms? How many and what sorts of people use them? Online bingo sites now come with their own personalities and you should be able to find one that matches yours. 888Ladies is a female-focused site offering online bingo game play and chat tailored to the whims and fancies of ladies. It is fun and informal and very pink; so if this sounds like you, go check them out.

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Plenty of Great Pokies in Australia to Choose From

Playing the pokies is fun — point blank. We’re very crazy about gambling, to the point where we think it’s one of the ultimate ways to pass time on a slow weekend. Some people might disagree, and that’s okay. We don’t mind going out with our friends, but the reality is that there is a time and a place for everything. You might get tired of being out and about in the traffic, large crowds, high prices… you get the idea. If you wanted to, you could stay home, play the pokies, and have a chance at winning real money.

Truth be told, how many entertainment options do you have in your local area where you can get your money back while still having a good time and even win more than what you had going for yourself? It’s one thing to think that you don’t have any options, but it’s completely different not to use your options at all.

You need to ensure that you’re always thinking about the bigger picture. You don’t have to beat yourself up, but you do need to make sure that you’ve got your path outlined properly.

Pokies Australia style is a huge arena. In order to avoid getting lost in the shuffle, you definitely want to make sure that you’re reading up on everything that you possibly can. Your first casino can definitely cement the entire experience for you. You might feel that the casino don’t matter all that much. Many newcomers believe that a casino is a casino is a casino, but that’s not really the case. The truth is that you want to go with a casino that truly caters to you and ensures that you’re having the best experience possible. The more that a casino focuses on your needs, the better you will feel about playing there. Remember, you’re going to be putting real money on the line here — you need to be able to do to that in a way that ensures that you’re going to be safe and sound. You need to make sure that you’re having a good time no matter what.

Are you ready to make the decision to get involved with the casino? Are you ready to win real money? If you can already picture what you’re going to do with the extra money, then it’s time to go out there and play!

Can US Players Really Play Bingo Online

Living in the United States and thinking about going online to play instant win bingo? You’re definitely in good company. After all, when you know that you really want to have a good time playing bingo, you want to make sure that you aren’t going to have any type of problem playing bingo online — who wants to deal with problems, anyway?

The truth is that US players definitely do have a reason to be concerned. For every site that seems to accept new US players with ease, there always seems to be three sites that just won’t allow anyone form the United States to play. This is often in fear of US laws that are against gambling online, but there’s something that you need to know. If the gambling site is outside the United States, then there’s really no reason why you can’t play at that site. It’s something that’s been brought into the courts and challenged multiple times, but the loophole still stands. What this means is that you can not only play bingo online, but all of your other US friends can play online with you!

When you know that you want to go online to play bingo, you want to make sure that you’re going to have the best experience possible. It’s one thing to be a little nervous, but don’t worry — there are plenty of US-friendly sites to accommodate your love for bingo.

Not sure where to find them? We can definitely help. The truth is that you will need to stop by a casino review guide that also lists US-friendly bingo sites. These are going to be one of the oldest guides online, which will yield the best results on the whole.

The power of being able to play online bingo just can’t be beat — strategy games have their place online, but bingo is soothing for many people. When you think about it from the right perspective, you can see why bingo has gotten so popular. There’s an equal chance across the board for everyone to play bingo and actually win real money. Just because you’re playing in the United States online doesn’t mean that you don’t get the chance to play bingo and actually win real money. The truth is that as long as you do a little research, there’s really no reason why you can’t enjoy bingo just like anyone else would — why not get started today?

Is Online Bingo attractive to online gamers?

Bingo has always been a favourite British pastime, though in the past few years online bingo has gained a massive market share in terms of internet users; and with the proliferation of online bingo sites is a massively aggressively sought after consumer group.

While this growth market has shattered the image of a bingo enthusiast as a pensioner, it is debatable as to whether or not online bingo demographics overlap significantly with online gamers generally. Of course you could make the semantic argument that online bingo is online gaming and therefore online bingo gamers are online gamers—though, for the sake of this article let’s consider them separate entities. Either way here a few reasons why online bingo is/would be attractive to online gamers.


Winnings are the most attractive aspect of any bingo game to the general public as the reward schedule offered by most gambling type scenarios pushes some serious emotional buttons deep in the human (and pigeon, apparently) brain. Additional the lay (mis)conception of theoretical probabilities associated with games that pay out also tempts people to participate.


The best part about doing anything online is that you can do it whenever you want to; and with people joining in from around the globe, no matter when you can spare a minute you’ll always have people to play with. In the past, if anyone wanted to partake of a group activity, say bingo for example, it would generally have to be structured around local life rhythms—that is to say, that you go to the bingo hall when it opens and when it’s shut you have to go elsewhere.

Not Having to Leave to House

Basically you don’t have to leave the house to do it. This means you don’t have to get dressed up (or even dressed, for that matter) and that just reeks of convenience. Of course this does have its pitfalls like the ability to never leave the house and the innumerable health benefits that comes there with. But it is a nice thought on a rainy Sunday afternoon just kicking back and having a good time with your hobby. On rainy days before the internet people either had to get wet or were bored.


Apparently irl bingo halls can be a bit daunting to the uninitiated neophyte. People tend to be superstitious and territorial (if they have a ‘lucky’ seat/table/square of carpet etc.), though on the whole people are generally quite welcoming, if you are a bit socially awkward online rooms have no turgid hierarchy that must be adhered to.

Popularity of Online Bingo Games on the Rise

It is no longer necessary for a bingo player to gamble at a bingo hall to enjoy the fun of gaming. The presence of a diverse range of online bingo games has made it possible for players to participate in online bingo gambling from the comfort of their homes. Another great advantage of online bingo games is that players can interact and play with their counterparts from all over the world and not only the gamers at the local bingo hall. It is the diversity and the interesting challenges presented by online bingo games that have got several gamblers hooked on to them, thereby making these games big on the gambling scene.

Gamers can enjoy the unlimited pleasure of gaming in the protected and safe environment of their residence as online bingo games are conveniently available right at the fingertips of the players. There is a great variety of online bingo games and several online bingo promotions that are offered by the websites offering these games. Ranging from free money cards to the benefit of chatting with seasoned gamers in other part of the world, there is something on offer for everyone at the online bingo websites. A player can get access to online bingo gaming at any time of the day or night. It is the 24/7 access coupled with the superb bingo hall experience that makes online bingo gaming so much more popular.

It is easy for even a beginner to try his hands at the online bingo casinos since all the online bingo websites enlist the rules and the gaming instructions that should be followed to play the game. A player simply needs to log on to one of the popular bingo websites and make the best use of the online bingo software available on the web for having good fun for hours and making good money simply by sitting at home. Players using the online platform also get the chance to chat with other gamers. There are not one or two chat rooms but several chat rooms presented in online bingo websites. Gamers can choose from any of the bingo rooms to interact with their chosen fellow players.

Bingo players can find information on bingo strategies and bingo calls on the websites. Both beginners and experienced bingo players can pick up a lot of helpful gaming tips and learn lot more about the game from the informative content present on the websites. However, it is important for a person to choose a secure and a reliable bingo site. The details and practical insights can help gamblers to indulge in safe, smart, fun-filled and beneficial game of online bingo.

Gaming and Gambling in the UK

Online gaming for money has been an enormous success story over the last few years, with the industry continually boasting ‘recession-busting’ figures. Nonetheless, groups like Gamcare and Gambling Aware who promote responsible gaming in the UK, are busier than ever.

According to latest figures a surprising 73% of all British adults game in some fashion at least once a year, and the industry as a whole employs over 200,000 people (that’s enough to fill the Olympic Stadium twice and have some spare) and the industry is enormous, posting a turnover of £8.7bn in 2009.

Of course, these figures don’t take into account groups of people who play casino games but don’t put any money on it, like those who play free online bingo games with companies like Costa Bingo. In fact, these games are widely praised by sites like Gambling Aware because they offer the fun and experience of gaming for money, without the risk associated with gambling.

Nonetheless, companies that do offer gaming for money have consistently shown themselves (or at least the best companies have) to be very aware of the importance of looking after their customers. The GREaT Foundation, which runs Gambling Aware as well as a range of other services is only funded by voluntary contributions from the industry and in 2009/10 the industry donated an astonishing £5million to support research, education and treatment for problem gamblers. In this respect the gaming industry is unique, in as much as it’s one of the only sectors to fund research and treatment for its customers on an entirely voluntary basis.
For individual gamers, the best aspect of all of this is that there’s a well developed and solid support network out there for gamers of all sorts. Often, the community looks after itself, as fellow gamers and friends (whether in chatrooms or in the real world) are often the best placed to recognise a problem in a friend and flag it up. All of which only goes to further the social credentials of some of the big bingo sites and their counterparts in other industries.

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