Real Time Gaming Slots

Real Time Gaming, a software provider for online casinos, is known for many of its innovative features. One of its most popular features, however, is its RTG Slots. These slot games’ claim to fame not only has something to do with its excellent graphics but also the different twists that players can relish. Critics have even gone as far as claiming that RTG slots have redefined the conventional way of playing slots on any mobile casino.

Fresh and Recent

When it comes right down to the basics, RTG Slots are just like every other software’s slot games. What then is all the commotion about?

One is its freshness. These games were just recently released compared to other platforms’ slots, which have been around for a long time. Hence, a lot of people are looking for something new. With the release of RTG 25 pay line slot games, the search of many people has ended.

More importantly, the themes of these slot games are refreshing. Some are Pinocchio, Phantom of the Opera, Golden Retriever, Realm of Riches, and Enchanted Garden. Unlike other slot games, these themes are original and were not ripped off from television shows and movie characters. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are any less entertaining.


But the impressive themes of RTG slots aren’t its only main selling points. Another outstanding quality is its value for bonuses and free spins. According to players, no other slot game offers as much when it comes to bonus rounds.

Most of the RTG slot games actually have their own bonus rounds, which add to the overall appeal of the games. For example, Sherlock Holmes offers 20 free spins. Jackpot Pinatas Progressive Slots, on the other hand, has a bonus feature that can multiply your win as much as 200 times.

Also, the jackpot prizes in these slot games are known to be large. The maximum jackpot in these games amount to 5,000 coins to 10,000 coins, depending on the number of pay lines you wager on.

Kinds of Slots

RTG Slots also value diversity. The slot varieties that you can play in Real Time Gaming include there reel slots and five reel slots. The number of pay lines for each depends on your choice. There are one pay line to 25 pay line slot games. Also, there are mini slots, three reel slots, that are unique in the rendering of graphics and sounds. There are only five of these in RTG.