Top strategy for increasing your chances of bingo success

Strategy may not be the first thing that you associate with games like Bingo, and that’s understandable – luck is definitely the most significant factor determining success in this game of chance.  That being said, where you choose to play is entirely within your control, and if you want to increase your chances of winning you could do a lot worse than taking advantage of bingo bonuses at Costa Bingo.

Quite simply, bingo bonuses at Costa Bingo can make your stake go further, extending playing time and thus increasing your chances of winning.  Popular bingo bonuses at Costa Bingo include a 200% deposit welcome bonus, and access to free-to-enter Bingo games that still deliver cash prizes.  In fact, finding the best bonus offers has to be the number one tip for genuinely improving the odds of achieving Bingo success, but what other strategies can you employ to boost your chances of winning?

One popular ploy that is widely touted online is taking advantage of the ease with which you can change cards when playing online Bingo.  Any cards that display an unfavourable, ‘unlucky’ selection of numbers can swiftly be changed before the game begins.  However, this tactic is probably best filed under the category of pseudo science – at best – as the random number generator that determines which ‘balls’ are drawn produces, well, random numbers.  Put simply, one set of calls is just as likely as any other possible combination that can be drawn in the course of a game.

If you want to get into the statistically probable, the size of the Bingo game that you choose to play actually has a tangible bearing on your chance of success.  The more players, the more cards are in action, and the higher the number of cards in play the greater the chance that a fellow player will scoop the jackpot before the right numbers for your cards are called.  If you stick to the quieter games – which tend to be on weeknights, rather than at the weekend – you will have a better chance of winning.

However – and this is a significant ‘but’ – the largest jackpots tend to come with the biggest games.  Perhaps the most important thing is to put the prize into context – Bingo is a leisure pastime, and not an occupation.  As long as you are enjoying your Bingo and keeping your gaming within affordable limits you are following the best Bingo strategy, which is to have fun.  If you have any concerns about your own gaming, or the habits of a friend, remember that you can always get help and advice here: