What Online Poker Sites Are Good for a Beginner?

There are few things in life more enticing than poker. Given that the internet has allowed us to now play others from around the world in our own homes, it’s understandable that more and more people worldwide are taking up playing it online. Now, given the high risks involved in poker and the skill and experience often needed to be a successful player, it’s important for beginners to start on the right websites. These sites will need to hold special qualities such as being user friendly and offering the lowest stake games to ensure you do not lose lots of money too early on for example. Here are the best online poker sites for a beginner.


888Poker is a site tailor made for the beginners, giving out beginner free rolls and new player bonuses. For example, new depositors receive an automatic 100% of up to $400 in which a generous 25% of the bonus is given up front. New depositors also receive a free entry into a big deal freeroll worth $3000, as well as five $500 freerolls and another freeroll worth a grand!

With $5 happy hour bonuses, a plethora of tournaments including a $100k Sunday Challenge, 888Poker is the type of site a beginner need not ever leave.


A leading British gambling institution, Ladbrokes most certainly know how to arrange an enticing game of poker. A home for the beginners and the experienced, their website is amongst the most popular for all levels of online poker players.

Now, knowledge is king and this statement is certainly not exempt from Poker. Bearing this in mind, the Ladbrokes Poker School – one of the top poker schools online – provide users with invaluable teaching. The inexperienced can properly learn and play online poker here, while more advanced users can benefit from priceless tips.

Ladbrokes also offer a fantastic 50 paged pdf pocket guide to poker, from Texas Hold’em and Omaha to Seven Card Stud. Information on limit games, poker strategy and odds calculation can also be found here.

What’s also great about Ladbrokes is that they offer low states for beginners in both their cash games and tournaments.

Golden Palace

The first great thing about Golden Palace for beginners is the simplicity of the layout.

Then there is the perk of receiving a free £5 upon registering which I’m sure will entice many newbies looking for a site to start off with. With 20 low buy-in poker tournaments and live poker sessions that qualify for as little $1 to 20p, there are a plethora of treats to enjoy in Golden Palace.

Check the Golden Palace Poker En Ligne for a demonstration of what they have to offer and be sure to translate the page to English at the top right hand corner.

They also have an app from which you can play the beautiful game, which means not a second needs to be missed.


What more needs to be said about a website that offers a daily beginners freeroll, allowing newbies to play poker for free and win big prizes!

PokerStars also offer a $500 Weekly Beginners Freeroll, with players involved also qualifying for a £10,000 Open Poker Club Monthly Freeroll!

The world’s largest poker site (for a reason), PokerStars allows beginners to learn the basics of online poker without paying a penny. To top it all off there are three events running every day, meaning you’ll be able to hone your poker skills and build your bankroll pretty fast here.