Why is Online Bingo Loved by Women?

Don’t worry we’re not sexist with this statement! Online bingo is a great game that is loved by men and women – we know that. In this article though we are going to explore a few reasons why women in particular seem to love bingo so much. There’s no denying that it resonates more with females than male and we will try to explain why.

Lower Stakes?

Both online and brick and mortar bingo offers people the opportunity to gamble quite cheaply. This is something the sensible, risk averse gambler will be attracted to. Women are generally less risk taking than males and like the sensible moves. Playing for a few quid might at bingo might just be more appealing than risking hundreds playing a tricky game like poker.

4 Reasons Bingo Players Should Try Poker

As much as we love Bingo and want to share everything Bingo, there are other forms of gambling available too. Our second favourite form of gambling comes in the form of poker, specifically Texas Hold’em. In this post we’re going to share four reasons why you should try it in the future.

1] Excitement

You know the adrenaline you get when you’ve got a full house? You get the same thrill from online poker. It’s exhilarating getting a big hand like a flush or full house. What’s better is that you are in control of the pot size, you can raise however much you want. The level of excitement bingo offers us is matched in poker when you get action on a big hand.

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2] Easy Rules

Poker is a very easy game to understand. The rules are pretty basic and don’t take long to learn. Every player has two cards and is dealt them facedown, community cards come and you have several rounds of betting. Obviously, the game is more complex in strategy but you can download a free poker cheat sheet easily from a training site to grasp the fundamentals.

White labels: The reason for bingo mediocrity

The bingo market has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, particularly in the online sector where the number of new entrants to the market has been staggering.

As of July 2015 there are now over 350 UK bingo sites available to players. These numbers show no real signs of slowing down with new brands appearing on a weekly basis.

This continuing trend in 2015 goes against the predictions of many well-respected industry commentators who estimated the growth would slow. Their opinions were based on the assumption that the new point of consumption tax (POC), introduced in December 2014 would render many of the smaller operators non-profitable.

Whilst it is probably true that many of the smaller brands, largely those who operate as white labels struggle to generate adequate income to be profitable, it is unheard of for a white label brand to be shut down.

Whilst it simply is not the case that the rate at which new brands are launching has slowed, it is worth pointing out that gone are the days when new operators would appear with their very own site.

Nowadays just about all-new entrants opt to become part of an established network of brands. In other words, investors tend to become white label owners, which in effect means they own a brand and have it powered by networks software systems.

This approach has lots of benefits, the main theme of these being that launch is inexpensive. The way it works is that all brands are essentially ‘plugged in’ to the same infrastructure and therefore share resources ranging from servers to staff.

Due to networks wishing to acquire more market share, launching a new brand can either be inexpensive or free for an investor. It is largely for that reason that the world and his wife now seem to own a white label bingo brand.

What Excites People So Much About Bingo?

Bingo is one of the most popular games online, for many reasons. For starters, you don’t have to be a rockstar to really enjoy bingo to the fullest. All you have to do is have a desire to play the game and even win a little money on the side. Another good reason to play bingo is that you get to meet a lot of different people. All of the people you’ll meet already have a common interest with you, so why not connect with them and make some new friends?

Before you can unlock all of the benefits that are waiting for you within the world of bingo, you need to have a good place to play. When it comes to playing bingo online, there are some basic rules that help you pick a great site to play on. Security, ease of use, and support are all key factors in determining a site’s value.

bingo online

Standard security features are included on all accounts, making sure that your personal information is protected right from the very beginning. If anything were to happen, there is a support team in place to take care of your needs. Everyone at Buttercup Bingo wants you to enjoy your time playing there, without having to worry about much of anything. All you should worry about is how much you win, and what you’re going to spend your winnings on!

Do you like fast bingo or slower bingo games? If you want speed bingo, you can definitely find it online. On the other hand, you might like the feel of just marking each number one at a time, with plenty of time given to each number. Some people like the slower bingo games because it lets them chat in the room more, while others like to just “get to the point” and go on about their day.

Speaking of days, did you know that you’re not limited to a certain time of day to play online bingo? If you want to play early in the morning before everyone else is awake, you can do that. If you want to play in the evening when you get home from work, then you can also take care of that. The key here is that if you’re ready to try something different, then you need to play bingo as soon as possible. The thrill of winning only exists if you get into the game!

Innovative promotions on online bingo sites

One of the major aspects that a player must consider while opting to play at an online bingo site, is the kind of promotions that the site is providing. Promotions are nothing but offers and opportunities for players to make the best out of their time on the site. There various different promotions that a player can take part in as long as he/she is satisfied with the terms and conditions associated with it.

One must be very clear regarding the terms and conditions before diving into any promotion. Unless all the wagering requirements are met and all the other terms and conditions are met, the player will not be able to claim for their prizes. However, all online bingo sites have a customer support team on stand by and can be approached any time when a player is faces any kine of challenge.

bingo promotions

From free bonuses, cash prizes, free bingo tickets, prize draw entries and more, one can find many tempting offers online. Online bingo sites are competing with each other in providing the best of services for their players. It’s only when a player is rewarded that they would feel completely satisfied with the site that they are playing at.

When you play at gamevillage.com, you will find that the site takes extra care in terms of the promotions they run. One very unique promotion on the site was the Knock Knock promotion where chat hosts visited players houses unannounced and surprised them with gifts.

Welcome bonuses are like any other promotion that a site runs. Players are given additional bonuses as soon as they join the site and a player can use these bonuses to play more games. Playing online bingo relies majorly on bonuses as bonuses are like free money. This way, players can benefit greatly from online bingo promotions.

Online bingo prizes

While playing bingo online it is very important to understand the basics as to how the prizes are given to players. Various sites have their own policies that they follow. They either give out bonuses or gift vouchers. Very rarely do you find sites that give out all of the prize money in cash. But this also varies from site to site and that is why it is crucial for players to read all the terms and conditions of the site that they have picked and then register.

Most importantly finding out where the site is licensed can give a lot of insight as to how reliable the site is. As long as the site has a good reputation and is known to give generous pay outs, then there shouldn’t be any doubt. The only way of keeping up to date with this kind of information is by using online review portals. These portals can provide you with absolutely all the information that you need regarding where the big prizes are and how to get it.

bingo prizes

Another way of increasing your chances of winning prizes is by earning loyalty points with a site. There are many perks to being on a site’s loyalty scheme. Some sites organize special draws where loyalty points can be redeemed and player can earn entries into these expensive draws. While some others make sure that their players get specially tailored offers that they can make use of.

All sites are on the lookout for more and more players and will do whatever it takes in keeping the players that are already on their site a hundred percent satisfied. Site’s need to keep updating and coming up with new offers every month. So one of the most effective ways of making that extra money is by checking on a site’s promotional page for all the latest offers.

There are many tricks that one can use to win more with online bingo. All it takes is a little bit of experimenting and exploring. So come find out more about New Look bingo and make sure that you have your hands on all that the site has to offer.

Online Bingo Safety Tips

With so many online bingo sites out there, it can be hard to know which ones are safe to choose – especially if you intend on parting with your hard-earned cash. Making a deposit at a new site should never be done unless you are 100% sure that you are playing at a legitimate website.

That said; most established bingo sites offer secure and reliable gaming, and if you follow a few basic tips to ensure that you are playing responsibly and safely, you will be having fun and winning big in no time.

Keep your details secure

Most bingo sites use special encrypted technology on the web pages where you enter information such as addresses, ID numbers and banking details. This means that the information is held on secure servers, which cannot be accessed by anyone except for the use required so by the site to play. You can tell if a page is secure by looking at the address bar. A normal webpage would look like this: https://www.tigergamingbingo.com, however when a page is encrypted, it would start with https to look more like this: https://www.tigergamingbingo.com for example. Write down your passwords and logins and keep them somewhere safe at all times.

Bingo Safety

Use a good antivirus program on your computer

A number of excellent and free antivirus software applications can be downloaded, including Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG and Avast. Keeping your computer safe while you play bingo online will prevent hackers or viruses from corrupting your computer and potentially accessing any personal information.

Do your homework before you start playing

Only play at sites that you trust – choose sites that a friend recommends, or sites that have been reviewed properly with all relevant information provided. Read our reviews carefully to find the sites that offer the best deals, and when you visit your chosen site, make sure that you read through the rules and FAQ thoroughly to understand how everything works. This is essential to make sure that you only play at good quality sites. One site that we like playing at is Landmark Bingo. It is one among the best bingo sites on net today so make sure to check it out. Don’t be lured by brand new sites that promise players the world, trust your judgement and do your research before you enjoy bingo games online.

2 Fun Things To Expect From Free Bingo

You’ve got plenty of options for free bingo, but you still might not be fully convinced that this is the option for you. That’s perfectly fine; everyone starts out differently in the online gaming space. We were a little skeptical when we first starting playing several years ago, but now we realize just how much fun is waiting for us, any time that we want to check things out. That type of convenience is rare amongst entertainment options. Other forms of entertainment often require that you drive across town or even to a completely different city to check it out. Everything about online free bingo is at your fingertips, whether you’re at a laptop or you’re on your mobile phone. You don’t even have to stay home if that’s too limiting for you.

There are essentially two fun things to expect from free bingo. The first would have to be a strong sense of community. Now, if you have a big collection of friends then this might not be a big benefit. But if you’re having a hard time finding a crowd of people to hang out with on a regular basis, then you definitely owe it to yourself to check out online bingo as much as possible. If you’re passionate about community, you’ll find that most of the regulars at comfybingo.com are very good at striking up a conversation. They’re not there to judge you, look down on you, or make life miserable. Don’t you already have enough toxic people in your life? We all have a few annoying people who never seem to have anything good to say about anyone or anything. Thankfully, you don’t have to deal with that online. Those types can be ignored and quickly removed if they get out of hand.

Free Bingo

The other benefit that’s waiting for you with the free bingo no deposit rooms are extra prizes. Did you think that it was just about winning extra cash? Not at all. Plenty of bingo sites give you a chance to win additional prizes other than what you would normally win. We’ve seen a lot of different promotions over the years, and you just have to check out the site in order to see what they’re offering at this time. But remember that these giveaways are often very time sensitive, so you want to play and then enter the contest as quickly as possible. Usually regular play is all it takes to enter a sweepstakes at a free bingo place.

The time is right to check out these sites. If you decide to make a deposit later, you can definitely do that. But for the time being, it doesn’t cost you anything just to check it out!

Bingo – How Much Have You Won?

I’ve been playing bingo for a number of years now, but the other day it suddenly hit me that I hadn’t actually won any “significant” amount of money for some time now. This got me to thinking how much money I had actually paid out and what return I had seen for it. Unsurprisingly I worked out that I was in the red on that front, as I am sure many of other players are. This made me wonder about the odds and figures of the game, the amount of people who play it, chances of winning and how much players spend.

So I got down to some research and I immediately noticed that playing bingo online was by far and away the more prominent form of the game. Now I play online, but I had never realised quite how huge it had become. Looking into the statistics behind it I was amazed to read that since 2008 user figures have risen from 50,000 to an incredible 3 million in 2012. This astonishing boom in the online market is undoubtedly reflected in the sheer volume of bingo companies out there nowadays offering bingo play services.


This figure is made all the more relevant and quite frankly incredible when you consider that the amount the average regular female player spends per month is £120. Equating these numbers together you can begin to see how much money there is in online betting and gaming.

So what is the payout like for us dedicated players then?

The amount of prize money that has been paid out by the national bingo game association since its formation back in 1986 adds up to around £725,179,338, a number which has hopefully grown a little now. But this total pales into insignificance compared to the amount of cash the millions of players pay in themselves each month.

Having said this there are occasionally some welcomed big money wins. The current record jackpot win in the UK was back in 2008, coming in at a tidy sum of £1,200,000. Now it cannot be stressed enough how scarce these types of wins are, as the average “big win” in bingo very rarely goes over £250. Even this is usually a lot less particularly if you play the cheap online penny games which pays out wins of roughly around £12, and even that is dependant of the game and site you play on.

From this it is easy to see why the bingo industry is growing so rapidly, especially in the online market. Big player numbers and expenditure in exchange for minimal payouts is giving these companies big profits, and with the rate the industry is expanding, these numbers are only going to increase.

80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo is the latest Bingo variation, taking the land-based and online Bingo community by storm. It’s not exactly clear why someone felt the need to create 80 Ball Bingo – I guess sometimes 75 numbers just isn’t enough, and 90 is a little too excessive. Whatever the reason, 80 Ball Bingo is an exciting new twist on the traditional North American and European games of Bingo.

80 Ball Bingo is more closely related to the American version of 75 Ball Bingo, but presenting a 4×4 grid of numbers, rather than 5×5. In the first column are four random numbers ranging from 1-20; the second column 21-40; third column 41-60 and the last column 61-80.

80 Ball Bingo

For those who find the regular games of Bingo to be a little too slow and monotonous, 80 Ball Bingo is the game for you. It’s very similar to other Bingo games, but with higher octane in the virtual fuel tank. Like tractor-pull meets Nascar. 80 Ball Bingo is played at a much faster speed, with fewer numbers to mark off, making the average win time less than a minute.

Another unique feature of 80 Ball Bingo is the cards, known as Shutter Boards. There are shutters – yes, much like the shutters you’d close over your kitchen window – covering each numbered square. When a number on your card is called, you simply close the shutter. This nifty little creation has enabled land-based Bingo Halls to save money by re-suing the same 80 Ball Bingo cards. And when they save money, they pass that extra cash onto the prize pools. It’s a win-win for everyone! Online Bingo halls don’t have this problem, of course, being computer generated cards, but the effect of closing the shutter is still kinda neat.

Like 75 Ball Bingo, players must complete the corresponding pattern to win. The most common pattern is called an 80 Full Card, meaning the players must close the shutter over all numbers on the card (just like Coverall in 75 Ball Bingo, or a Full House in 90 Ball Bingo). Other popular patterns include vertical line, horizontal line, diagonal line, X pattern and so on.

80 Ball Bingo is picking up pace around the world, offered in many of today’s land-based Bingo Halls and online bingo rooms. If you’d like to try your luck at this intriguing new game, for real money or just for fun, check out any of the online Bingo sites listed below, each offering the game of 80 Ball Bingo.