Is Online Bingo attractive to online gamers?

Bingo has always been a favourite British pastime, though in the past few years online bingo has gained a massive market share in terms of internet users; and with the proliferation of online bingo sites is a massively aggressively sought after consumer group.

While this growth market has shattered the image of a bingo enthusiast as a pensioner, it is debatable as to whether or not online bingo demographics overlap significantly with online gamers generally. Of course you could make the semantic argument that online bingo is online gaming and therefore online bingo gamers are online gamers—though, for the sake of this article let’s consider them separate entities. Either way here a few reasons why online bingo is/would be attractive to online gamers.


Winnings are the most attractive aspect of any bingo game to the general public as the reward schedule offered by most gambling type scenarios pushes some serious emotional buttons deep in the human (and pigeon, apparently) brain. Additional the lay (mis)conception of theoretical probabilities associated with games that pay out also tempts people to participate.


The best part about doing anything online is that you can do it whenever you want to; and with people joining in from around the globe, no matter when you can spare a minute you’ll always have people to play with. In the past, if anyone wanted to partake of a group activity, say bingo for example, it would generally have to be structured around local life rhythms—that is to say, that you go to the bingo hall when it opens and when it’s shut you have to go elsewhere.

Not Having to Leave to House

Basically you don’t have to leave the house to do it. This means you don’t have to get dressed up (or even dressed, for that matter) and that just reeks of convenience. Of course this does have its pitfalls like the ability to never leave the house and the innumerable health benefits that comes there with. But it is a nice thought on a rainy Sunday afternoon just kicking back and having a good time with your hobby. On rainy days before the internet people either had to get wet or were bored.


Apparently irl bingo halls can be a bit daunting to the uninitiated neophyte. People tend to be superstitious and territorial (if they have a ‘lucky’ seat/table/square of carpet etc.), though on the whole people are generally quite welcoming, if you are a bit socially awkward online rooms have no turgid hierarchy that must be adhered to.