80 Ball Bingo

80 Ball Bingo is the latest Bingo variation, taking the land-based and online Bingo community by storm. It’s not exactly clear why someone felt the need to create 80 Ball Bingo – I guess sometimes 75 numbers just isn’t enough, and 90 is a little too excessive. Whatever the reason, 80 Ball Bingo is an exciting new twist on the traditional North American and European games of Bingo.

80 Ball Bingo is more closely related to the American version of 75 Ball Bingo, but presenting a 4×4 grid of numbers, rather than 5×5. In the first column are four random numbers ranging from 1-20; the second column 21-40; third column 41-60 and the last column 61-80.

80 Ball Bingo

For those who find the regular games of Bingo to be a little too slow and monotonous, 80 Ball Bingo is the game for you. It’s very similar to other Bingo games, but with higher octane in the virtual fuel tank. Like tractor-pull meets Nascar. 80 Ball Bingo is played at a much faster speed, with fewer numbers to mark off, making the average win time less than a minute.

Another unique feature of 80 Ball Bingo is the cards, known as Shutter Boards. There are shutters – yes, much like the shutters you’d close over your kitchen window – covering each numbered square. When a number on your card is called, you simply close the shutter. This nifty little creation has enabled land-based Bingo Halls to save money by re-suing the same 80 Ball Bingo cards. And when they save money, they pass that extra cash onto the prize pools. It’s a win-win for everyone! Online Bingo halls don’t have this problem, of course, being computer generated cards, but the effect of closing the shutter is still kinda neat.

Like 75 Ball Bingo, players must complete the corresponding pattern to win. The most common pattern is called an 80 Full Card, meaning the players must close the shutter over all numbers on the card (just like Coverall in 75 Ball Bingo, or a Full House in 90 Ball Bingo). Other popular patterns include vertical line, horizontal line, diagonal line, X pattern and so on.

80 Ball Bingo is picking up pace around the world, offered in many of today’s land-based Bingo Halls and online bingo rooms. If you’d like to try your luck at this intriguing new game, for real money or just for fun, check out any of the online Bingo sites listed below, each offering the game of 80 Ball Bingo.