4 Reasons Bingo Players Should Try Poker

As much as we love Bingo and want to share everything Bingo, there are other forms of gambling available too. Our second favourite form of gambling comes in the form of poker, specifically Texas Hold’em. In this post we’re going to share four reasons why you should try it in the future.

1] Excitement

You know the adrenaline you get when you’ve got a full house? You get the same thrill from online poker. It’s exhilarating getting a big hand like a flush or full house. What’s better is that you are in control of the pot size, you can raise however much you want. The level of excitement bingo offers us is matched in poker when you get action on a big hand.

Image Source: Pixabay

2] Easy Rules

Poker is a very easy game to understand. The rules are pretty basic and don’t take long to learn. Every player has two cards and is dealt them facedown, community cards come and you have several rounds of betting. Obviously, the game is more complex in strategy but you can download a free poker cheat sheet easily from a training site to grasp the fundamentals.

3] Potential for More Money

The online poker scene is very popular and offers loads of rewarding prizes. All weekend the major poker sites run very big prize pool tournaments that allow those who go far the chance to win massive sums of money. If you like the chance to win for little risk then online poker might be for you.

4] Players Have Control

As amazing as Bingo is it is 100% luck – there is no player input whatsoever. This is in contrast to online poker where players have far more control. This is appealing to players who like to have some control over the outcome when they gamble. In poker the player literally chooses what hands to play, what hands to fold and how much to bet, call or raise. This is a huge difference and one of the skill elements is why a London cardroom argued poker is skill in a court case back in 2007.