Why is Online Bingo Loved by Women?

Don’t worry we’re not sexist with this statement! Online bingo is a great game that is loved by men and women – we know that. In this article though we are going to explore a few reasons why women in particular seem to love bingo so much. There’s no denying that it resonates more with females than male and we will try to explain why.

Lower Stakes?

Both online and brick and mortar bingo offers people the opportunity to gamble quite cheaply. This is something the sensible, risk averse gambler will be attracted to. Women are generally less risk taking than males and like the sensible moves. Playing for a few quid might at bingo might just be more appealing than risking hundreds playing a tricky game like poker.

Clever Marketing

Have you ever paid attention to the animals, colours and tone of online bingos? They are clearly targeting the female demographic. How do we know this? Well, the softer, pink and purple shades are traditionally feminine colours. Secondly, the cuddly animals that are often associated with bingos are preferred favourites of the women population. Therefore, we must tip our hat to the marketing departments at trusted gaming online malaysia casino as they have spent well in marketing to women online.

Easy to Multi-Task

Women are experts in performing several tasks at once and this can be achieved with bingo. Online bingo requires no input whatsoever from the player, there’s no skill to it, other than choosing how much to invest. This could be a reason why stay at home mums and busy workaholics might be drawn to bingo. It can fit in with their busy lifestyle without causing any stress or strain.

There you have it, three reasons why we think bingo is loved by women. They like to gamble for lower stakes, the marketing is clever and the game is easy and allows them to gamble and do other things at once.

Image Source: Freepik