History of Bingo and Online Bingo

It is said that first online bingo was started in 1996. For many people out there it become hard to believe but that is what reality it. In 1996 it was called “Bingo Zone”. The main difference between online bingo and traditional bingo is that in traditional bingo number cards or balls are used while in online version algorithms are used that generate numbers automatically. In this way it becomes easy and fair to judge who is the winner. This is a great advantage of technology. Now there is no need to use bingo coins, balls or cards to play the game that can be lost anywhere but in online bingo if you lose your number then you can regenerate a new number on the spot.

In Italy in 1953 the concept of Bingo was first introduced and there it was called “Lo Giuoco Code Lotto”. That was made a part of a lottery that is very famous today in the word.

Bingo was also used as an academic technique in Germany to teach children how to spell the words and it was considered as a useful and fruitful technique.

Today people are more attracted towards online bingo as compared to traditional bingo. There are many reason behind this factor. The biggest reason is that people like to play a game form comfort zone and what can be a better comfort zone than your own house? That is why people like to play bingo in home on their person computers. More over the graphics and animation that are used in online bingo are phenomenal hat keep the people interested in game. Sound effects are also designed in a way to attract people towards this game. You might have played traditional bingo before and now it is the time to play online bingo at your house.