Online Bingo Safety Tips

With so many online bingo sites out there, it can be hard to know which ones are safe to choose – especially if you intend on parting with your hard-earned cash. Making a deposit at a new site should never be done unless you are 100% sure that you are playing at a legitimate website.

That said; most established bingo sites offer secure and reliable gaming, and if you follow a few basic tips to ensure that you are playing responsibly and safely, you will be having fun and winning big in no time.

Keep your details secure

Most bingo sites use special encrypted technology on the web pages where you enter information such as addresses, ID numbers and banking details. This means that the information is held on secure servers, which cannot be accessed by anyone except for the use required so by the site to play. You can tell if a page is secure by looking at the address bar. A normal webpage would look like this:, however when a page is encrypted, it would start with https to look more like this: for example. Write down your passwords and logins and keep them somewhere safe at all times.

Bingo Safety

Use a good antivirus program on your computer

A number of excellent and free antivirus software applications can be downloaded, including Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG and Avast. Keeping your computer safe while you play bingo online will prevent hackers or viruses from corrupting your computer and potentially accessing any personal information.

Do your homework before you start playing

Only play at sites that you trust – choose sites that a friend recommends, or sites that have been reviewed properly with all relevant information provided. Read our reviews carefully to find the sites that offer the best deals, and when you visit your chosen site, make sure that you read through the rules and FAQ thoroughly to understand how everything works. This is essential to make sure that you only play at good quality sites. One site that we like playing at is Landmark Bingo. It is one among the best bingo sites on net today so make sure to check it out. Don’t be lured by brand new sites that promise players the world, trust your judgement and do your research before you enjoy bingo games online.