The Benefits of Online Bingo on Jackpotjoy

Bingo is a game that has been well-known and loved for many decades now. Since the birth of high-speed Internet connections, it has been possible to take bingo away from the halls and move it onto an online platform. With a variety of games featuring high paying jackpots and exciting bonus rounds, Jackpotjoy is one of the UK’s most popular online bingo providers.

A Thriving Community 

One of the main reasons people have enjoyed playing bingo over the years is it gives you the opportunity to be part of a thriving community. Jackpotjoy’s online bingo games are no different. With each game, there is a chat function, and an individual monitoring online exchanges for each user’s safety. This gives you the chance to get talking to other bingo lovers. Thanks to the low-cost of some of Jackpotjoy’s games, many users are able to return on a nightly basis to enjoy spending time with each other while catching up; this means that Jackpotjoy also offers a great chance to have an affordable night in. As many of the chat users share their progress, this adds to the excitement that you feel as each game unfolds.

A Variety of Online Bingo Options 

If you are a fan of normal bingo with no frills, then the option is there for you to enjoy. Jackpotjoy’s Bingo 90 Ball is a straight 90 ball game, which allows you to experience bingo as it is in the bingo hall. If you are a fan of the added extras, you can try one of the other games. Both Snap and Super Snap bingo offer you the chance to multiply the amount you win if you hold a pair, or more multiples, of your cards. In contrast, Bejeweled bingo will allow you to play bingo in the form you are familiar with, with an added Bejeweled bonus game at the end. This is ideal for those who are fans of Bejeweled on Facebook, and would like to win from it. Finally, if you are a fan of Babs Windsor, you can get stuck into Bingo Royale. The Royal Pardon progressive jackpot will allow you to win when extra balls are barked by the Royal Dog at the end, and the Super Jackpot is available to those who get a full house in 36 balls or less.

Great Prizes and Affordable Cards 

With card prices starting at just £0.01, Jackpotjoy’s online bingo is far from inaccessible. Despite the low costs of cards, there are plenty of opportunities to win big. Users can look forward to exciting jackpots as high as £100,000, making a night in with Jackpotjoy one of the most thrilling nights in you can have.

For your safety and peace of mind, Jackpotjoy places limits on the amount you can spend. This means you do not have to worry about going too wild, and you can look forward to spending your winnings instead.